Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2009 Shoe Trendz

Clearly, the color yellow is in its prime, if you ignore the bad press associated with it, such as "bad luck". The company Pantone, an authority in the world of color, has confirmed that the color Pantone 14-0848, known as "mimosa" (delicious), the color will be marked as a trend this year, 2009. The color stands out for its warmth, which means affection and kindness. The yellow becomes the protagonist in a season in which innovation and imagination are essential. It is a tone that radiates imagination and innovation. A clear example of the role of color is found in the parades of Louis Vuitton, Ossie Clark, and Christopher Kane, in there fashion collections. Yellow can be difficult to bear for some. It is best used as an element of color, like shoes, instead of taking a color for the whole outfit (watch out for the head to toe banana look alike). Although yellow is obviously the fashion color of choice, what's being seen at online retailers as well as magazines, blogs, TV, and retail stores is simply "color" in general. Prism-based color is on tempting display; red, orange, of course yellow, green, blue, and violet. But then there are those people who want to play with the whole rainbow instead of just choosing by the individual color. Multi-hues styles are hot right now, take a look at the Jimmy Choo open-toe sandals, sold at for $825, affordable right? ... I think NOT! Or even the Sergio Rossi patchwork knee-high boots for $1500 at Net-a-porter. Wow, where's that "mimosa", Here's a cheers to a colorful and optimistic summer. Anyways, perfect examples for playing with the rainbow...

Talking about shoes and there colors; bright, hot and vivid are the KEYWORDS of 2009 trendsetters. Back up blacks and browns and welcome the hot hues into your shoe rack if you haven't already. The multi-hued shoes are making a style statement as well so don't you forget it.

Platforms are the most used. The shoes come in incredible variety of formats and options, perhaps the most notable trend is the shoes "drafts", or with many openings and strips, aka the gladiator sandals (heavily strapped and heeled versions of sandals) are a hit amongst chic' girls. The shoe trend also come adorned with ruffles and fringes on anything, like the basic mary-jane. Fashion boots are long, even above the knee or the spoils. Squared-off toes are back in fashion once again and this time it is the razor-sharp pointy toes that are the hit. Square toes, crocodile skin, triple buckles, bohemian fringing, and past the knee boots are just some of things you might not have been expecting to come back into fashion so soon, and yet here they are. Gotta love summer, 2009.

The fashion forecasters had it right when they wrote, "stilettos are surely going to make a comeback in 2009." They are dominating the ramps as well as the roads once again. However, this years stilettos are a variation, in the form of a combination of the high pencil heels at the back and hidden platform in the front part of the shoe.

Tips: Tall, skinny heels give the illusion of long, slender legs. Plus, when you wear them, you use your muscles to maintain balance, causing calves to look more toned. (haha, thanks for the great advice Cosmopolitan).

Just remember, the higher the stilettos, the better they look. Heels, Heels, Heels, you'll never look dull, that's promise. Thin, pencil heels are here to stay in 2009. They look extremely sexy and can add oodles of "oomph" to any and every outfit of choice. Though you will not get any comfort (unless you are feeling warm inside), there will be envious glances from other females and admiring looks from all the males in your vicinity. On one extreme, stilettos make heads roll... guaranteed. On the other, thick and chunky heels are seen ruling the ramps as well. But of course, you can never go wrong with the on going trend of flats, they are here to stay!

Animal prints surely rule the roost (ROARRRR!). Boots in fake snakeskin and crocodile skin, worn in combination with wide leg pants and skirts, are the "IN" style... now that's glamour. However, it is crucial to avoid the guady and cheap-looking boots, you don't want to look like you've been standing on the street corner. It's not about the tramp anymore but the lady. The leather look is all about quality, so go BIG or go home. Welcome "flower power" and hello to you everywhere. Sandals are rockin' the floral themes, in prints, appliques and even embellishments. So Love it & Live it.

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